MEKAP, as well as being the first brand since 1972 to produce with PU injection system in Turkey, has also been producing safety footwear since 1996. Since its inception, with it’s philosophy that focuses on satisfaction of its customers, MEKAP aims at delivering comfortable, durable and healthy products to its customers, as fast as possible. Our mission is focused on making a difference in the field of work related footwear that is based on HUMAN HEALTH. To fulfill our mission, we are taking swift steps on adding the newest technologies that the modern world is using, to our structure. We are serving you with an annual 3 million pair capacity at our production station. With ifs certified production according to international standarts such as EN ISO 20344/20345/20347, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, MEKAP has always given priority to it’s customers requests relating to their satisfaction and trust. With its expertise and experience in the field of work safety footwear, MEKAP, has been serving it’s customers with the same enthusiasm and will for 40 years, and with your support will continue on meeting your needs.

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